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Smile Makeover

What makes a beautiful smile? At Southfields Dental Centre we use an eight-point scale to outline the proportions of a perfect smile – which will be unique to every patient, your smile as individual as you are. Thanks to our Smile Makeover treatment, using the latest technology to show you what we can achieve with an individually-tailored set of treatments, you can be sure of results that look as natural as they do aesthetically pleasing.

But what are the eight points that make up a perfect smile? This is what we look for when designing your smile, combined with your individual issues, needs and wants:

  1. Horizontal symmetry: If you imagine a horizontal line through the centre of each of your pupils, and another between the tips of your canine teeth. In the ideal smile, these will be parallel.
  2. Vertical symmetry: Imagine a vertical line through the centre of your face. This line should run through the centre of your eyes, nose and chin, and ideally also through your two central incisors, making them mirror images.
  3. Smile width: Ideally, a wide smile will show your first molar to first molar tooth. If you have a narrow smile you may only see the front six teeth from canine to canine.
  4. Smile line: Draw an imaginary curve along the bottom of your upper teeth and compare it with an imaginary curve of your lower lip. Ideally, your smile should be curved in order to look younger.
  5. Gum line: Picture a curve along the top of your upper teeth. In the perfect smile, only the pink triangular parts of the gums between the teeth will show. Some people have a lot more gum on show, or an uneven gum line.
  6. The Golden Proportion: This special proportion was discovered by the Greeks and is found in many areas of nature. Ideally, the widths of each of the front teeth compared with the next follows this special proportion.
  7. Tooth proportion: The width of a tooth should be approximately 80% of its length. Habits such as grinding your teeth can wear this ratio down closer to 1:1. There are many ways we can help to rebuild worn teeth.
  8. Embrasure space: These are the little triangular like spaces between the tips of the front teeth. Ideally this should be smallest between the two central incisors, gradually becoming larger the further you go back into the mouth.

Southfields Dental Centre offers a wide selection of cosmetic dental treatments, from crowns and bridges to porcelain veneers, teeth whitening treatment to dental implants. When you come to us for a smile makeover, we’ll assess your current smile with the help of our eight-point scale, listen to what you would like to change and, using photographs and diagnostic mock-ups, will recommend the best treatments to achieve those results. This may be one treatment or a combination of two or more.

You can read more in-depth about each treatment on our dedicated treatment pages. We offer:

Our Patient Stories

Smile Makeovers
Before Before
After After

This patient has had a history of trauma to his front teeth and his existing dentures and bridges were failing, leaving him feeling self-conscious when smiling and struggling to eat comfortably. We fitted a new long-span ceramic bridge and now he can't stop smiling! We are so pleased with the end result and that he can now smile from ear to ear with complete confidence.

Consultation with free DSD (Digital Smile Scan) £126 £113.40
Mini Smile Makeover (chair side) Composite Veneers £250 - £420 per tooth £225 - £378
Price upon Consultation
Porcelain bonded to metal £795 £715
All Ceramic - EMAX crowns (metal free zirconia) £895 £805.50
Gold Crowns £895 £805.50
Veneers £930 £837
Inlays/Onlays £795 £715.50
Bridge (per unit/tooth) £795 - £895 £715.50 - £805.50
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